Friday, December 14, 2007

Early season training

Check out Alan Couzen's blog on early season training.
I liked the part that he mentioned the greatest limiters are your support network, not your VO2 max, muscular endurance or speed skills. Well said!

Reflecting on the hours that i clocked in recently, i must say i am rather disappointed.
My training hours/week now is 5 hours as compared to 8-10 hours that i put in previously.
It is just so tough to put in the same amount of hours in off season. Actually, it is more like finding the reason to convince my support network of my training schedule.

I think i should follow his suggestion. That is to start working our first thing in the morning. In that way, i am sure to get it done. However, this need great deal of discipline which involves change of routine, habits and etc. First habit to break is to get up early.
i am no early bird, waking up daily at 8am now is already a real challenge. Guess, for this to work, i will need to get up around 6.30am.

Ok, my next week goal is to wake up daily at 6.30am!
Will check the success rate end of the week.

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