Thursday, December 27, 2007

Target for 2008

Here is my target for my race in 2008.

Race distance: Olympic

Swim: Split time=30 minutes. Pace(per 100 meter)=2 minutes per 100 meter
Bike: Split time=1 hour 15 minutes. Pace=3 minutes per mile
Run: Split time=45 minutes. Pace=6.4 minutes per mile

Total time: 2 hours 45 mins.

New goal in new year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New training toy

I received the Garmin Forerunner 305 as Xmas gift. I am loviiiiiing it!
The weather has been crappy these few days....constant rain showers.

Cannot wait to get out there and try out this new toy.

Also down with the flu so will take few days off for the body to recover and start the training again.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas gift list

I got this Xmas gift list from ironman website.
Here is Part 1 and Part2.

Check this out.

The POWERbreathe device looks interesting and i wonder how effective it is.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Early season training

Check out Alan Couzen's blog on early season training.
I liked the part that he mentioned the greatest limiters are your support network, not your VO2 max, muscular endurance or speed skills. Well said!

Reflecting on the hours that i clocked in recently, i must say i am rather disappointed.
My training hours/week now is 5 hours as compared to 8-10 hours that i put in previously.
It is just so tough to put in the same amount of hours in off season. Actually, it is more like finding the reason to convince my support network of my training schedule.

I think i should follow his suggestion. That is to start working our first thing in the morning. In that way, i am sure to get it done. However, this need great deal of discipline which involves change of routine, habits and etc. First habit to break is to get up early.
i am no early bird, waking up daily at 8am now is already a real challenge. Guess, for this to work, i will need to get up around 6.30am.

Ok, my next week goal is to wake up daily at 6.30am!
Will check the success rate end of the week.

Early season training

Check out Alan Couzen's blog on early season training.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Analysis of running form

Carol Scheible just posted an interesting post on her triathlon training blog
regarding running form.
There are 5 key pointers for those that are interested in improving their forms.
I was struggling with mid foot strike for a while.

Check it out, it is an interesting blog post.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Running Cadence

Did a 6 miles run on last saturday. For the first time, i paid attention to my running cadence. When i started it, it was measured at 65-70 strides per minute. Then, i gradually changed it to 85-90 strides per minute. What i observed was that, my pace was more consistent and i felt i could conserve my energy better. I am not sure whether this is just psychological. I will need to monitor my cadence for the next few weeks.
Did some searching on the web and found couple of good links:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The science behind the optimal cycling cadence

Came across this article: The science behind the optimal cycling cadence in triathlete magazine.
Basically the article says that it is most efficient to maintain the cadence between 80 to 100 for a constant power output.

Did more searching and found this very good article that elaborate more on the recruitment of fast and slow-twitch muscles and the impact that it has on the running.

I have been trying to train to churn out higher power with lower cadence. Perhaps this is not a good cycling method for endurance sport like triathlon. This probably explain why i find myself never able to have a good run in the race as i have depleted much of my energy in the cycling leg.

Time to do some adjustment!

Monday, December 3, 2007

2008 Training Log

I will use this post to keep track of my progress.

Nov 2007: Run focus
Results: Have not build the mileage that i am supposed to as i was working on my form. Will need to do this in December. Probably start with a 8 miles run and eventually build up to 12 miles by Dec.

Dec 2007: Bike Focus
  • Master Swim, 2.25k. My Distance per pull is still staying at 24. Need to reduce that to below 20!
  • My Average 300m time is between 6min30s to 6min34s
  • Found out that my time is better when i did bi-lateral breathing(6min30s). Probably because the distance per stroke increase.

Preparation for Columbia Tri, MD in 2008

Need to have a plan for my training this year. Here is the overview:

Base Phase:

Goal: Build endurance for my Olympic-distance triathlon. Able to do 2 times the race distance.

Swim: 3k

Nov 2007: Run focus, maintenance on Swim and Bike
Dec 2008: Bike focus, maintenance on Swim and Run
Jan 2008: Swim focus, maintenance on Run and Bike

Speed Phase:

Goal: Improve my speed. Do more interval workout in this phase.

Feb 2008: Run focus, maintenance on Swim and Bike
Mar 2008: Swim focus, maintenance on Run and Bike
Apr 2008: Bike focus, maintenance on Run and Swim

May: Taper for the race